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European DemocratsThe European Democrats are allied Members of the EPP-ED Group under Rule 5 of the Group's Rules of Procedure. This rule states that:

"Members of the European Parliament may become allied members of the Group if they subscribe to the basic policies of the Group of the European People's Party and European Democrats and if they accept the Rules of Procedure (European Democrats).

"The Members under this Article have the right to promote and develop their distinct views on constitutional and institutional issues in relation to the future of Europe."

In addition, the ED is now represented on the Presidency of the Group by its own Vice-President.

Members of Parliament who wish to join the EPP-ED Group can apply to join either the EPP or the ED section of it.

The ED is expressly committed to democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, national sovereignty, free enterprise, minimal regulation, low taxation, private ownership, respect and security for every individual and a strong transatlantic alliance.

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